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Max Lv 70

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Server Guide Information

Posted on 3rd May 2019

Leveling Guide

Level 1 ~> 35 = Markas/BaseTown
Level 35 ~> 50 = Solus/IstanaHaram/213 
Level 50 ~> 51 = Vulcano Area
Level 51 ~> 58 = Outcast Land
Level 58 ~> 75 = *Recommend go to New Map Galaxy

Guide Main Quest Level 70

Repeat Time / 2Hrs 1x (SOLO)

Sub-Mission : 

Eliminate White-Boogie Bolt 0/10 @ Map Galaxy
Eliminate Fairy Fire Abyss 0/37 @ Map Galaxy
Eliminate White Boogie Bolt 0/17 @ Map Galaxy

Rewards : 

Pvp Point 300
Cpt Point 200
Money Race 50.000.000
Shiny Luck Jewel Coupon x1
Gold Capsule 3.000 x1
Santuary Stone x1
Sunflower Stone x3
#NB : This Quest Can be Repeat 2Hrs 1x, You can Pick the Quest at Npc Galaxy



Guide Main Quest (Level 75)

Repeat Time / 5Hrs 1x (SOLO)

Sub-Mission : 

Eliminate GreenLighting Summoner 0/30 @ Map Galaxy
Eliminate Fairy Fire Abyss 0/35 @ Map Galaxy
Collect 5 of Piece Zandium Stone 0/5

Rewards : 

Pvp Point 5.000
Cpt Point 1.000
Sparate Lucky Resource Box (E) x3
Gold Capsule 3.000 x7
Cash Coin Capsule 10.000 x2
Advanced OverFly Potion (A) x2
#NB : This Quest Can be Repeat 5Hrs 1x, You can Pick the Quest at Npc Mid Sette


Guide Raid Continue Quest

Repeat Time / 24Hrs 1x (PARTY)

Sub-Mission 1 : 

Eliminate White-Boogie Bolt 0/50 @ Map Elf Land
Eliminate Dark Elf Berseker 0/50 @ Map Elf Land

Sub-Mission 2 : 

Eliminate Jewerly Cube 0/2 @ Buast Mountaint / Outcast
Eliminate Red-Boogie Bolt 0/25 @ Map Sette

Sub-Mission End : 

Eliminate PB Jetso 0/1 @ Mid Sette
Eliminate Eldycloche 0/1 @ Elf Land

 Rewards : 

Pvp Point 50.000
Cpt Point 10.000
Money 1Bilion
Zandium Mystic Armor Box x5
Gold Point 30.000 x1
Fairy Burst Speeding x25
Butterfly Stone x30
#NB : This Quest Can be Repeat 12Hrs 1x, You can Pick the Quest at Npc ElfLand RF FAIRY


 Combine Guide

Combine Merge Cloaking

Fairy ButterFly/PowerFull A/D Or A/V +7Chaos 1Pcs
Normal-Master EndFire Cloaking +7Chaos 1Pcs

Favor/Mercy Talic 99Pcs
Polluted Wings 99Pcs
Money 1B

Result : 

Wings Of Life/Wings Of Gundam


#Beware You can Lost your Materials, Sukses Rate is : 30%
#If you want Combine Cloaking Type A/D, Use Favor 99Pcs
#If you want Combine Cloaking Type A/V, Use Mercy 99Pcs


Combine Legion Mystic Box

Materials :

Legion Stone 99Pcs
Money Race 50M

Result : 

Legion Mystic Box (Random Count)

Combine Zandium Mystic Box

Materials :

Legion Stone 99Pcs x5
Money Race 200M

Result : 

Zandium Mystic Box (Random Count)

Combine Gold Point

Materials :

GoldBar 10Pcs
Money Race 50M

Result : 

Gold Point 1.000 (Random Count)

U can get Legion Mystic Box (Many) at Blue Ore +3, then Process it (Blue Ore+3 From = Mining)


Socket Extended Zandium Armor Grade 5

Materials :

Slot 1 s/d Slot 5 : Fairy Burst Speeding 1Pcs
Slot 5 s/d Slot 7 : Fairy Burst Speeding 2Pcs
Money Race 50M

Result : Zandium Armor Increase +1 Slot



Elemental Upgrader Unique to StarLight

Materials :

Elemental Fairy Unique Special 35% Ring/Amulet 1Pcs (DEFF)
Favor Talic 25Pcs
Santuary Stone 10Pcs
Sunflower Stone 20Pcs
ButterFly Stone 5Pcs
Money 50M

Result : 

Fairy StarLight Special Amulet/Ring Type


#Beware You can Lost your Materials, Sukses Rate : 75%
#If you want Combine Elemental Type A/V, Change Favor 25Pcs to Mercy 25Pcs



Elemental Upgrader StarLight to Zandium

Materials :

Elemental Fairy StarLight Special 38% Ring/Amulet 1Pcs
Mercy Talic 50Pcs
Santuary Stone 10Pcs
Sunflower Stone 20Pcs
Fairy Burst Speeding 15Pcs
Money 350M

Result : 

Fairy Zandium Loyality Amulet/Ring Type

Weapon Upgrader Zandium to Galaxy

Materials :

Weapon Zandium +7 Ignorance 1Pcs
Piece Galaxy Stone 50Pcs
Galaxy Weapon Extractor Scroll 5Pcs
Money 1B

Result : 

Galaxy Weapon +7 Ignorance (Same Type)

#Beware You can Lost your Materials, Sukses Rate : 35%



Weapon Upgrader Galaxy to Dementor

Materials :

Weapon Galaxy +7 Ignorance 1Pcs
Piece Dementor Stone 50Pcs
Piece Ultimate Stone 20Pcs
Piece Uranium Stone 10Pcs
Dementor Weapon Extractor Scroll Low/Med/Excelent
Money 2B

Socket Type : 


Result : 

Dementor Weapon +4 +5 +6 +7 (Random +) Ignorance (Same Type)



Armor Socket Dementor

Materials :

Armor Dementor +0 (All Slots)
Piece Dementor Stone 2Pcs s/d 5Pcs
Money 100M

Result : 

Dementor Armor +1 Slots


#Slot 1 s/d 5 = Piece Dementor Stone 2Pcs
#Slot 5 s/d 7 = Piece Dementor Stone 5Pcs


Crafting Dementor Armor Box

Go To Npc HERO

You Need : 

Craft Your Box (Select Type Box Armor)

Piece Dementor Stone 10Pcs
Piece Uranium Stone 10Pcs
Money 200M 

Guide Video? Watch HERE

Where u can get Materials ? 

From Box,From Daily Quest, From Drop Pittboss,From Drop Monster
From Procces Blue/Red Ore +3