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News 17.06.19 - New Group FJB/RMT
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Max Lv 70

News 11.06.19 - WEEKLY MAINTENANCE 11/06/19 (HAPPY 1MONTH ALL)
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News 04.06.19 - WEEKLY MAINTENANCE 04/06/19

Weekly Maintenance 27/05/19

Posted on 27th May 2019

Weekly Maintenance Information 

Update/Changes :  

Update Guide Honored
Replace Council Non Active & Report
Zandium Weapon/Elemental/Armor ETC, 
Can Move to Trunk/Bank
StarLight Weapon/Elemental/Armor ETC, Can Move to Trunk/Bank
Fix And Increase Weapon Ranger (Except DH/TK/Bow)
Fix And Increase Weapon Warrior (
Except Spear And Sword)
Fix Upgrade/Enchant Equipment With 3 Resource 
Add New Potion (Like a Deffrune) Drop @ Chip, Time Delay Potion Is : 3Minute