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News 17.07.19 - Server Will Close
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Max Lv 70

News 22.06.19 - ⚔️ Information About Update Server V.3.0
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News 17.06.19 - New Group FJB/RMT

Server Will Close

Server Will Close  Friday 19 July 2019, Thanks for your time all  we will come back, just wait in the future :)  Group Facebook : HERE
Posted at 17th Jul 2019 | Read more

⚔️ Information About Update Server V.3.0

Information Update Server V.3.0 22 June 2019 s/d 23 June 2019 Server Will Back Online at Sunday 23 June 2019 @ 15:00 AM GMT+7   List Update  Add New Buff Skill at Lv 74 (Add Job at Hero) Add New Animus/Siege/Tr...
Posted at 22nd Jun 2019 | Read more

New Group FJB/RMT

NOW RF FAIRY HAVE GROUP FOR RMT, RMT IS ALOWED         Join Our FJB Group (NEW) Click HERE Official Group Click HERE Official Fanspage Click HERE
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Weekly Maintenance Is Done! Addons & Fix :  Re-Check Report Players Update Guild Honored Update Daily Quest @ Npc Galaxy RF Fairy, Repeat Time : 2Weeks 1x Prepare & Add New File For Update V.3.0 (DEMENTOR EQUIPMENT) Not Yet R...
Posted at 11th Jun 2019 | Read more


WEEKLY MAINTENANCE RESULT! Addons & Fixed :  Update Guild Honored Increase HP Chip 3% Increase HP Monster "Fairy Fire Abyss" Add 1 New Aplication Combine, 99Pcs Zandium Stone > Zandium Armor Box Fix Socket Sl...
Posted at 4th Jun 2019 | Read more

Weekly Maintenance 27/05/19

Weekly Maintenance Information  Update/Changes :   Update Guide Honored Replace Council Non Active & Report Zandium Weapon/Elemental/Armor ETC, Can Move to Trunk/Bank StarLight Weapon/Elemental/Armor ETC,&n...
Posted at 27th May 2019 | Read more

Information 24Mei 2019

ATTENTION! We can't akses Facebook for a while, in my country all connection still down for connect to facebook If u have Question/Problem ETC, Contact GM in HERE (Except Facebook)   Download & Read Information about Upd...
Posted at 23rd May 2019 | Read more

New Event Booty Collector (END)

Special Event Booty Collector     New Event : Booty Collector Season 1  Exchange Your "Live Camera" to :  List :  25 Slot Live Camera : 100.000 IDR + Zandium Weapon +7  ( 1 Orang terce...
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Open Beta Server

  Server Already Open Beta At Saturday 11 Mei 2019 $ LETS JOIN WITH US!  
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Contact Us!

Contact Us RF Fairy Official Line : @EKX0577y Report Cheat ETC : bekty02 (Line)  WhatsApp : 081381932650 Facebook : Bekty Frihandika For Donation, Info ETC, Chat Official Lne, Other Problem can message whatsapp, Repo...
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